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I am a 40-something geek who loves Dragon Age and is creatively inclined. I still have my Lego sets from when I was a kid; they're on display in my den. I got back into Lego this year when I decided that my new Dragon Age-inspired creative project would be to make Minifig versions of some of my favourite Dragon Age: Inquisition characters, and then to build little scenes for them inspired by maps in the game. But to do that, I needed to buy bricks. I get my bricks in second-hand lots, take out what I need for my project, then list the rest here. Who knows? Maybe one of the pieces here is exactly what you need to put the finishing touch on one of your own Lego projects.

I sanitize all the bricks by soaking them for a minimum of ten minutes in bleach water solution before sorting them and listing them for sale.

I am located in northern Alberta, Canada and opened my Brick Owl shop in summer 2020.

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Dimensions Limit (L x W x H)14.57" x 10.24" x 0.71"
Weight FromWeight ToPrice
0oz3.52ozUS $2.01
3.52oz7.04ozUS $3.01
7.04oz10.56ozUS $4.01
10.56oz14.08ozUS $4.52

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