Hello! I hope you find the pieces you need here.

A few notes about Aurora Bricks. Most of the pieces in this store are used. I buy bulk lots of Lego and sort through it, removing any non-Lego pieces. Then I wash, sort, and inventory the remaining Lego pieces. I check pieces for badly worn off decorations, broken clips, hairline cracks, and dents that are too large for the bricks to sit well together. These pieces are thrown out. 

I rate the remaining pieces mostly as "Good Used" or "Acceptable Used," with a few exceptional pieces "Like New."

"Like New" - as it suggests, these pieces are nigh-on perfect as if they'd just come out from the package. However, they have been previously assembled so they are not new.

"Good" - may show some signs of wear and tear but overall these pieces are still glossy and in pretty good shape.

"Acceptable" - have been loved and played with a lot. They may have small dents, all-over fine scratches that make the surface appear duller, or be discoloured by sun exposure. I also rate pieces with decorations that are somewhat rubbed off as "Acceptable."

I have a few "New" pieces and minifigs available as well. These are ones that come in the bulk lots still in their sealed bags, or which I bought new/factory sealed, took out pieces I needed for my projects, and am selling the rest without ever having assembled them. In the case of collectible minifigs, I sell some full sets if they're doubles of ones I already have.

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